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Every person no matter how ordinary, has a story to tell. But if no record is made of it, eventually the story is lost forever.

YourStoryWeber is devoted to the recording and preservation of the life stories. We offer a way for families to preserve the voices of an older generation. In a partnership among the Union Station Foundation, Weber State University, History Department, and YourStoryUtah, the project is designed to facilitate the recording of interviews with relatives and friends, and to help individuals provide a lasting legacy of their own stories for families and loved ones.

Our Union Station YourStoryWeber Studio

The YourStoryWeber  project—located inside the Union Station in Ogden Utah—includes a studio for recording life history interviews. In our cozy room at the station, you’ll feel comfortable telling stories about your own personal history. This can help put the decades of your life into new perspective and provide a greater sense of precisely which moments in a lifetime have been most significant.

You can come to the YourStory studio as often as you like until your personal history is complete right up to the present—and then continue to update your life story on your birthday each year! 

Our knowledgeable staff will assist you in telling your life story. Each recording session will be preserved on a professional-quality CD. Afterwards you can decide if you would like to have the interview professionally transcribed and edited. 

Would you like to record your life story? Find out how to arrange for an interview right away.

If you’d like more information, or have more questions, contact us directly.