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Recording your life story is really amazingly easy


There are a number of options for recording your story. You can choose to bring someone you know to interview (a grandmother, for example), or you can bring someone to interview you! Another popular option is to come by yourself and have one of our university-trained interviewers help guide you in telling about your personal history. 


You can schedule a time for an interview to record your story or interview a friend of relative either by calling  (801) 626 8935 and leaving a message. To begin, you will want to arrange for a one-hour slot--two hours at the most.


After you make your reservation, just click on our memory triggers page for some suggestions of the kinds of questions we've found helpful to spark memories and elicit the best, most memorable life stories. Don't think you have to have answers to all these questions--no one could! Some questions will trigger memories for one person and yet have no particular relevance for another. Just select a few of these topics or make a list of your own “possible interview questions.” We think you’ll find this pre-interview process an interesting way to begin thinking about a lifetime of experiences.

You may also find it helpful to look through family photo albums, since pictures are such a good way to remind us of important people, places and past events.


YourStoryWeber is located next to the library, inside the Union Station, Ogden, Utah. There is ample free parking available near the station. When you call to make an appointment, we'll give you specific directions.


Once you arrive at our studio, one of our university-trained interviewers will guide you throughout the interview process, taking care of making the digital recording of your personal history.

At the end of our session, you’ll take away a professional-quality CD ready to share with friends and relatives. If you’d like to preserve your life story more permanently you can choose to have it added to the YourStory archive in the Special Collections of the Stewart Library, Weber State University.

How Much

Each life story recording session costs $10 per hour and includes a copy of the finished CD.


Because your family, your friends and YOU deserve to keep these memories alive forever.