Tracy Hall Science Center Features & Facts

Inspired by the designs of successful university science buildings around the country, the Tracy Hall Science Center (THSC) will be a state-of-the-art facility with features that are breathtaking and brainy, modern and eco-friendly, and creative and ingenious.

Breathtaking and Brainy

The Tracy Hall Science Center will serve as a learning tool for many areas of science.

The unique brick pattern on the western pillars can be read as a DNA sequence, spelling out TRACY HALL SCIENCE CENTER and the process of the scientific method.

Another feature will be the open design and use of windows. THSC has been designed around the concept of “science on display.” Students passing through the building will be able to look through windows into labs in session, science experiments in progress and more.

In addition, many study rooms will be enclosed with glass that can be transformed into a writing surface. This and many other teaching tools will be included in building’s structure.

Modern and Eco-Friendly

The building will also include many features that make it eco-friendly.

The many windows will let in natural light, and the bench tops in the labs will be gray instead of black; the lighter coloring will reflect more natural light. These features will make the use of electric light bulbs less of a necessity, and the few light bulbs that will be used in the building will be eco-friendly.

Creative and Ingenious

The building will also feature modern works of art, including artist Michael Singer’s indoor water feature inspired by Utah’s natural desert environment. Housed in the THSC atrium, the feature will reflect the current water supply of Utah — as a working fountain when there is a plethora of rain or snow, and a dry piece of art when there is little to no rainfall.

Ideas are in the works for the interior design of the building, such as using Utah-based materials: benches backed with copper obtained from Kennecott Utah Copper or stones from local quarries are possibilities.

Without a doubt, the Tracy Hall Science Center will be a great addition to the WSU campus.

TRACY HALL SCIENCE CENTER, on target for completion date goal

THSC is scheduled to be finished and open in fall of 2016.

The construction crew has established a target completion date in May, but after that, the next big project begins: moving into the building.