Provide Opportunity

“Open to all” has been Weber State’s philosophy since its founding. We embrace all students who have the desire for higher education and the drive to chase their scholastic dreams.

Providing opportunity is all about student support — first, making sure that students can afford to attend Weber State University; then offering them a full range of educational opportunities, from study abroad programs, to real-world internships, to working alongside faculty mentors in groundbreaking research projects.


In just six years, WSU’s student population has jumped from 18,000 to more than 25,000. Weber State must maintain affordability to ensure that our student population reflects the growing diversity of our community, state and nation.

Many Weber State students are the first in their families to attend college.

Increasing scholarship funds is among our top Dream 125 priorities. We recently expanded the Dream Weber program to offer eight semesters of free tuition and fees to any Utah resident whose annual household income is less than $40,000 and who is eligible for a federal Pell Grant.

Currently, 1,400 students are taking advantage of this unprecedented opportunity, but there are hundreds more who qualify. Your support of Dream Weber will keep a college education within reach of many bright, capable students who might otherwise give up on their academic dreams.

Adding more merit scholarships to WSU’s financial aid mix will lure outstanding student scholars to WSU’s flagship programs. These scholarships will also attract heavily recruited student-athletes to boost the performances of Weber State’s 16 NCAA sports teams.

Real-World Experience

University students must be prepared to perform well in today’s highly competitive job markets. Graduates can no longer succeed by learning theory alone. They need relevant, hands-on projects that allow them to apply classroom concepts in real-life settings.

Through your support of Dream 125, you can make it possible for more students to have greater access to invaluable work experiences. Even a modest stipend or scholarship can make a world of difference in the quality of career preparation Weber State can provide.