John B. Goddard School of Business & Economics

Providing Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs for Utah — and the World.

Ogden native John B. Goddard was a paperboy, a soda jerk, a military officer and a businessman who believed that his community’s future economic growth was inextricably linked to Weber State University.

The school that proudly bears his name — the John B. Goddard School of Business & Economics — offers an innovative, personalized approach to education and training in key disciplines:

  • Accounting
  • Business administration
  • Economics
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Finance
  • Human resource management
  • Information systems and technologies
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Supply chain management

Our students enjoy one-on-one interaction with professors in class sizes that average fewer than 30 students. Our world-class faculty is deeply rooted in the converging fields of business, research and public service.

Graduates leave the Goddard School of Business & Economics prepared to compete in the nation’s top MBA programs and lead global corporations.

Our name consistently appears in The Princeton Review’s Best Business Schools publication.

Even in today’s challenging economy, 84 percent of our students still land lucrative jobs upon graduation.

Over the years, the Goddard School has grown in size and stature. We now have three strong graduate programs and 20 diverse study abroad opportunities.

Our worldwide vision and intense focus on student startups distinguish us from other business schools. The new Hall Global Entrepreneurship Program, for example, offers financial backing that allows students with promising business concepts to put their dreams into action. In addition to an annual business plan competition hosted by the Weber Entrepreneurs Association student club, the Goddard School recently forged a unique international partnership with Shanghai Normal University to stage a yearly competition in China.

For more than 90 years, the Goddard School of Business & Economics has transformed business students who dream into business professionals who excel.

What We Can Accomplish Together

What we do at the Goddard School matters. We develop forward-thinking, influential business and civic leaders who shape our economic destiny. Our track record is impressive, but every day we ask ourselves, “What can we do even better?”

That’s why we’re embarking on this campaign, inviting alumni and friends to invest in our efforts to move beyond our reputation as Utah’s “hidden gem” to become a national role model for business education.


We all know that a college degree leads to a better-paying job. Without scholarships, many of our students, especially nontraditional students with families to support and full-time jobs, could not afford the education that will boost their future earnings.

Dean’s Fund

Extraordinary opportunities don’t always come with advance notice. The Dean’s Fund provides flexible resources that allow students and faculty to take advantage of invaluable learning experiences. It also pays for databases, surveys and software — tools we need to support superior teaching and research.

Study Abroad Scholarships

Our global economy requires a familiarity with different cultures and business practices that only comes through an extended stay in a foreign country. We want all our students to have a chance to learn firsthand from high-level executives around the globe.

The Goddard School offers short-term study tours for working students, and is currently developing dual-bachelor’s degree programs in which participants complete two lengthy internships — one at WSU, another abroad. Students get the added benefit of studying in two languages. We hope to expand these programs and create additional scholarships.

Advance Knowledge

Endowed Professorships and Faculty Fellowships

To become the best, students must learn from the best. As our programs expand, there’s an urgent need to lure top business faculty to Weber State. Endowed professorships and fellowships will give us powerful tools to attract and retain distinguished scholars and researchers.

Field Studies

The Goddard School has connections to many businesses and nonprofit organizations that look to our faculty and students for help with problems they’re unable to solve alone. Applying classroom knowledge in a real-world setting is an invaluable educational experience. A gift to our field studies program will give more students and faculty access to these hands-on projects.

Program Support

A successful business school requires a curriculum that is practical, as well as theoretical. Faculty research, professional development and advanced technology are crucial.

Your support provides the latest in teaching tools, data sets, computer software and recruitment materials. It also allows us to cover increasing operating expenses, hire student assistants, keep our website current and expose our faculty to best practices in teaching and research.

Enhance Campus

State-of-the-Art Classrooms

In the fall of 1907, Weber Stake Academy acquired 50 new Remington typewriters. This was considered a huge expansion to what was then called the Commercial Department. Of course, teaching business is no longer a “talk & chalk” and typing event. Today, we use Smartboards, computers, the Internet, video simulations and other electronic devices to enhance learning. We need modern facilities that match the talents, aspirations and expectations of our tech-savvy students.