Advance Knowledge

It is often said that no Weber State student graduates without having a faculty hero. Dream 125 is about supporting these heroes, making sure they have the resources they need to spot student potential and inspire student success.

Advancing knowledge happens by creating named faculty positions, increasing funds for innovative research and teaching methods, and supporting notable WSU programs.

Endowed Professorships and Faculty Fellowships

The equation is simple: To be the best, students must learn from the best. In order to recruit and retain top names in business, industry and academia, Weber State must compete with salaries in the private sector or at other notable institutions. Establishing more endowed professorships and faculty fellowships provides dependable income to bring eminent faculty to campus, recognize their superior teaching and support their important research.

Faculty Development Fund

WSU professors are leading “flipped classrooms” or incorporating peer-to-peer instruction into courses.

WSU is home to faculty members who think big, and perform big, either in their innovative, student-centered approach to teaching, or their pioneering research. One of our Dream 125 goals is to create an endowed fund to support these efforts. Your donation would help provide funds to purchase special research materials or pay for faculty members to attend teaching methodology workshops.

Program Support

Think back on your own university experience. Was there a special event or activity that touched your life? Is there a particular college, department or program you hold dear to your heart? You can make a naming gift that would directly benefit that event, activity, college, department or program to which you will always feel connected.

On average, WSU students devote more than 147,000 hours to community service each year.

Perhaps you would like to strengthen one of our flagship initiatives, such as the nationally recognized Center for Community Engaged Learning. This interdisciplinary center melds learning and community service. Students gain knowledge through personal involvement in projects that impact real people in real communities. Our students care about others, because you care enough about them to support these kinds of programs.

Private gifts could also fund a lecture series to bring notable thinkers to campus to share their experiences and contribute to the intellectual conversation that occurs here.