WSU Annual Fund

The WSU Annual Fund is the cornerstone of giving to Weber State. It supports areas of greatest need and connects you to students through scholarships, academic programs and campus life activities.

Who participates?

Alumni and friends help Weber State continue to grow as a university. We focus on opportunities for student learning and connections to the community.

Why should I contribute?

Your gift provides direct support for scholarships, academic programs, computer and laboratory upgrades, teaching, the library and a variety of other needs within the college or program of your choice. You help us provide an excellent educational environment for students and address WSU’s most urgent needs.

What may I support?

You choose! You can direct your gift to scholarships, to a specific department or program, to a student activity outside the classroom, or to any of the many WSU programs that serve the greater community.

Does this count toward my alumni association membership?

Yes! If you are an Annual Fund donor at $125 ($10.46/month) and above, you will automatically have $35 taken from your donation and applied toward your annual alumni association membership.

Are there different Annual Fund levels?
Yes. See the list below. Each level can be given in auotmatic monthly installments from your credit card.
President's Society Platinum $10,000+
President's Society Gold $5,000
President's Society Sliver $2,500
President's Society Bronze $1,000

* Those making annual gifts of $1,000 or more are invited to receptions for conversation with president Chuck Wight.

Dean's Club $500
Director's Club $250
Anniversary Club $125
Other Amount of your choice
How do I set up my gift payments?

By Mail:
Weber State University Annual Fund,
4018 University Circle
Ogden, UT 84408-4018

By Phone:
(801) 626-6138

How do I update my Weber State University record?

Please click here to fill out our biographical update form.