Dream With Us

Weber State University was recently recognized as one of the nation’s top 20 values in higher education, which makes earning a degree from the College of Science a wise investment.

We prepare skilled scientists and mathematicians to enter the workforce or successfully compete in the world’s top graduate and professional programs. Our students graduate in fields that have consistent employment opportunities, and bolster our nation’s economy.

We admit that our campaign dreams are ambitious and expensive. But we are driven by a keen sense of duty to revive our nation’s standard of excellence in science education and address a critical shortfall of creative science professionals.

As scientists and mathematicians, we know that any notable breakthrough depends on finding the right formula. The College of Science’s formula for future success is simple: our energy and expertise + your foresight and generosity = multiple dreams come true.

A dream fueled by stellar academic preparation and opportunity can truly change a student’s life…and so can you. Please support Dream 125: The Campaign for Weber State. We’re counting on you!


David Matty, Dean
College of Science