Dream With Us

Generations of students have counted on the College of Social & Behavioral Sciences to help them become productive citizens as well as learned scholars.

They have probed the past, pondered the present and predicted the future to gain greater insight into the human condition, and thus be better prepared for the multitude of social situations they will experience throughout their lives. Since its humble beginning, Weber State University has nurtured its relationship with the local community. Today, we proudly acknowledge that our programs touch hundreds of lives.

But it’s not enough. Recently, one of our psychology professors told me that of the 1,000 students she sees each semester, only 20 of them get to work with her on research projects. We dream of the day we have enough resources to provide research opportunities to those other 980 students. We won’t be satisfied until we raise the bar on the quality of education we provide, and intensify the impact we have on our community, our state, and our world.

Dream 125 is about combining our expertise and enthusiasm with your foresight and generosity. With you by our side, we can continue our legacy of personalized teaching; we can provide the state-of-the-art facilities and equipment our students deserve; and we can thrust our innovative programs and research into the national spotlight.


Francis Harrold, Dean
College of Social & Behavioral Sciences

Weber State University, Ogden, UT 84408, 801-626-6000

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